Flute Mid-Layer Jacket with Venti-Layer™ 3D Air Mesh

$499.00 CAD

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Full-zip mid-layer 3D Air Mesh Venti-LayerTM jacket. As a mid-layer for all outdoor activities wherever and whenever enhanced ventilation is needed.  Riding, working, trekking weather in the pouring rain, wet snow, or dry conditions. 

Wear under your waterproof outer shell for superior insulating and ventilation which inhibit the process of condensation - keeping you drier and warmer for longer.


Venti-layer™ 3d air mesh & laminated soft shell


3D Air Mesh 100% Polyester 4.5mm


The Fabric itself is an insulator


The first substantial innovation in ventilation apparel in the last 20 years.


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It is the willingness to do whatever it takes to support a lifestyle focused on access to the mountain and the time to spend recreating within it. It is the drive to continuously challenge one’s own character and endurance in unpredictable and sometimes dangerous conditions and not be afraid to challenge societal conventions and live unconstrained.


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