Earth Positive


By definition, everyone who embraces the Total Mountain lifestyle has a vested interest in the environment. This desire to maintain the natural beauty of the mountain ecosystem is a personal conviction that predates environmentalism as a trend. This is defined not just by the decisions and actions we take, but also the ones we say no to.








At BOA we recognize that all choices humans make about consumption have an environmental impact. The choice to ride a bicycle to work, versus using public transportation versus driving a car are decisions made by individuals and are rationalized according to perceived need, convenience, and other considerations. Do we choose to consume fast-food? What about fast fashion? Regarding our recreation, should we explore in our own back yard, or do we feel we need to fly to more exotic locations? When visiting a snow sports resort, we generally ride a chairlift; but to experience the backcountry do we tour on foot with skins or do we take a cat, a snowmobile, or even a helicopter? 

We don’t feel it’s our place to judge. It is only our hope that people consider the environmental impact of all their choices, large and small. It comes down to personal responsibility.

We recognize that manufacturing apparel has its own impact on the environment. We want to play our part in the emergence of a more environmentally friendly world. Our mission is to build the best product possible, but to cause no unnecessary harm, and to limit and take responsibility for our impact on the environment in the process. As such, we strive to make apparel that is durable and enduring both in terms of its wearing and its styling, so as not to require frequent replacement. 


We are making positive choices throughout our supply chain by introducing innovative and more sustainable materials and manufacturing. By 2024, every product we produce will make a positive social, ethical or environmental impact, either through the materials we have used or the way it’s made.

At BOA, we believe that happy people make better products. The process of making anything on either an industrial or artisan level is always the result of a series of human interactions. Humans are the key. Like most clothing companies, we do not make our own products, nor do we own any of the factories that do. We design, test, market and sell. These are our areas of strength. When considering new factories, or evaluating current ones, we take an approach that puts social and environmental practices on an equal part with quality standards and business requirements. All of our suppliers agree to sign and abide by our social responsibility charter that, among other things, guarantees a respectable living wage for their workers and safe working conditions.