bored since 1987

BOA began with Tim Gluck, a Canadian born-and-raised ski racer, whose fascination with mountains and the outdoors led him to the West Coast of Canada. At 19, Tim moved to Whistler to continue his career as a professional ski-racer and coach.

After becoming bored of riding chairlifts in Whistler as his ski racing career drew to a close, Tim moved back to his native Ottawa and started a clothing store that exported the West Coast casual style from BC to Canada’s capital. Infusing a West Coast style meant pivoting to skateboarding and BOA (Bored of Authority) took off, first as a skate shop, then quickly as a streetwear brand. As snowboarding began to trend, Tim combined surf and skateboard market roots with his intimate knowledge and love of high-quality mountain gear and, within two years, Tim was back in Whistler developing the first truly technical outerwear for snowboarders.

a new vision for boa

Since its inception over a generation ago, snowboarding has influenced everything within the mountain apparel market. Its influence could also be seen in the design of skis, encouraging a wider, more snowboard-like shape. This made skiing more approachable and pulled skaters and snowboarders into the sport. It is also bringing Bored of Authority® back to its foundational roots in Whistler and the sport of skiing.

Today, BOA sees no divide in mountain sports and is embracing the way snowboard and ski have melded into one — inspiring a new category of apparel we call Total Mountain™.

Total MountainTM represents a lifestyle epitomized in Whistler, BC but also, in great (and not so great) mountain towns around the globe, and in the heart and mind of any person whose soul yearns to breathe the fresh, clean mountain air. The new BOA isn’t limited to participants of any set of outdoor activities. It transcends regional and cultural boundaries.

In the social and environmental context of today, Bored of Authority is a message whose time has come. Bored of Authority is not about being rebellious or putting oneself on the fringes of society, it's about participating as one wants to, with new, bold ideas and contributions. It's about succeeding on one's own terms, under one's own authority – not someone else’s.

At BOA, authority is not about rules or government, it's about the pressures of mainstream society: do what everyone else does and just accept it. BOA has never been about just blindly accepting the status quo. 

Think critically. Question assumptions. Question authority.

BOA Founder & CEO
Tim Gluck