what is total mountain?

Our foundation in ski, combined with our mountain culture and heritage, allowed BOA to become the first technical apparel brand in snowboarding. Since then, both ski and snowboard have ventured into the backcountry, placing new technical demands on snow-sports apparel in general.

Total Mountain™ is the expression of a lifestyle that prioritizes outdoor recreation in an alpine environment (ski, snowboard, hiking/trekking, mountain biking). It is the willingness to do whatever it takes to support a lifestyle focused on access to the mountain and the time to spend recreating within it. It is the drive to continuously challenge one’s own character and endurance in unpredictable and sometimes dangerous conditions and not be afraid to challenge societal conventions and live unconstrained.

Total Mountain™ is the awareness of our insignificance relative to nature, specifically the magnificence of the mountains, which puts every element of our lives and our choices into perspective.