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The leading causes of wetness inside your jacket are condensation and perspiration. Condensation occurs when water vapor encounters a colder surface and changes from a gaseous form into a liquid one. If the external surface of your rain jacket is cooler than its interior, the water vapor will condense on the inside your jacket and make your clothes wet.

Perspiration also produces water vapor and condenses by the same process. You can reduce the amount you perspire when wearing an outdoor jacket by taking off clothing layers worn underneath it or by generating less body heat, by being less active. For example, mountain climbers deliberately slow down their pace to reduce the amount they sweat so they don’t soak their insulation and reduce its effectiveness. You can also reduce the amount of water vapor inside your jacket and the amount you perspire by unzipping your jacket to allow air in, or by opening pit zips (as featured in the SPEARHEAD, DECKER and FISSILE jackets)

Wearing a Venti-Layer TM FLUTE jacket by Bored of Authority ® can also be an effective part of your moisture management regimen when working or recreating outdoors

What is Venti-Layer?

Venti-Layer TM is the brand name for a patent pending apparel ventilation technology invented by Tim Gluck, Founder of Bored of Authority ®. The Venti-Layer TM technology is the first time that 3D Air Mesh fabric has been used to construct actual wearing apparel; in this case, the FLUTE jacket. Bored of Authority ® is also working diligently to create pants that incorporate Venti-Layer TM technology.

What is 3D Air Mesh?

The 3D Air Mesh fabric used in BOA products that incorporate the Venti-Layer TM technology, is a mesh fabric, about four mm thick, constructed entirely with holes.  Air freely circulates through these holes allowing moisture to dissipate.  Until BOA invented Venti-Layer TM, 3D Air Mesh had been used primarily underneath the upholstery of car seats, airplane seats and mattresses to allow air and moisture to flow away from your body preventing excessive build-up of sweat.  Thinner versions of the fabric are often used in the uppers of running shoes.

What is so special about the FLUTE jacket with Venti-Layer TM

The 3D Air Mesh fabric construction of the FLUTE creates an airspace between a waterproof/breathable outer shell jacket like the SPEARHEAD or DECKER that you would wear over top of the FLUTE and the base layer you’d wear underneath. The FLUTE mid-layer jacket acts as a buffer, allowing air to circulate between the base layer and the outer shell, delaying the process of condensation. This means staying drier and more comfortable for longer.

I see Venti-Layer is featured in some other Jackets offered by Bored of Authority ®, namely the DIAVOLO, TREMOR, FISSILE and PICCOLO how does that work?

Bored of Authority ® strategically zone engineers 3D Air Mesh fabric into the back, shoulders, neck and hood of three of our insulated jackets, namely the DIAVOLO, TREMOR and FISSILE. Oftentimes while wearing an insulated jacket, moisture from perspiration can build up between your body and the jacket lining. In this instance, the Venti-Layer 3D Air Mesh fabric creates an airspace between the body and the lining, keeping you drier for longer.  We also feature Venti-Layer TM 3D Air Mesh in our PICCOLO mid-layer fleece jacket.

Does Venti-Layer keep you warm?

The 3D Air Mesh FLUTE jacket has very good insulation properties when used as a mid-layer underneath a shell jacket, (like SPEARHEAD, DECKER) When worn over top the FLUTE, the SPEARHEAD (and DECKER) acts as a thermal envelope keeping colder external air from chilling you and keeping the warm air your body generates contained inside. To regulate any excess heat that builds up, you can unzip your shell jacket or open the pit zips to allow trapped heat to escape.

How do I get the most out of my FLUTE jacket with Venti-Layer TM?

Use the FLUTE as an insulating layer and a moisture management system. During maximum exertion, like mountain bike climbing in nasty fall weather or hiking in the back country, remove your shell jacket to allow perspiration to escape immediately through the holes of the FLUTE’s 3D Air Mesh. When you reach the top of the climb or hike, put the shell jacket back on to keep the cold wind off your body and contain the heat inside.

Can I wear my FLUTE jacket with Venti-Layer on its own?

As described in the previous paragraph, when worn on it’s own, air passes right through the FLUTE jacket’s 3D Air Mesh fabric.  This is especially great during exertion as body heat is escapes instantaneously. No Jacket ever created before looks anything like the FLUTE.  So if you want to turn heads, by all means, wear it to the bar for Apres, or…

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