While advances in fabric technology have produced water repellent and waterproof fabrics that can be used for Tents, Jackets and so much more, there is still vulnerabilities in the stitch holes that are created when seams are sewn into fabrics.

Seam taping (also called seam sealing) is the application of a strip of waterproof tape over the seams created where different panels of fabric are sewn together. Each stitch in a seam creates a small puncture that is a point of weakness for moisture to enter and when the seam tape is heat-bonded over the seam, it covers up (seals) those tiny punctures. A jacket or pant that is fully seam-sealed is exactly what is sounds like. Every seam and every stitch is sealed with seam tape.

At BOA, we believe there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad (or insufficient gear). It is our mission to help you get outside and stay outside, regardless of the conditions. We fully seam-seal all BOA hard shells and pants.

So meet Seal Boy. He is your assurance that a garment has been meticulously seam sealed in our factory with love and skill to keep outside water from leaking through the seams.